"Keep your Head Down"   Anyone who has stepped on a golf course has heard that phrase...perhaps a thousand times.   It's not without good reasons, primarily because keeping your weight down and behind the ball through impact helps maintain balance and is key to power and consistency.   This is a trait very difficult to teach.  It's not so much physical but a mentally challenging proposition.   We feel a need to watch the ball fly or lift up to help the ball on it's way.

Look at these photos and notice all these pros have their head down and eyes still in the area their ball was before club impact.

With Head Down you too can train yourself this proper technique.   The reason it works is mental.   We don't use a physical gimmick, most of which have been tried and found useless, if not torture.

Our system uses image recognition to train the mind to keep your head down.   Practice using the Head Down system, in time, proper form becomes habit.

How does it work?

At the practice range, place the Head Down system opposite the ball inline with your eyes at address.   Start with short irons to get the feel of action.   The device works whether you are chipping/pitching or striking a full shot (it also has a setting for putting on the green).

Hit down on the ball with your normal swing pattern.   You will see a random image flash for a half second if you kept your eyes in the area at and briefly after impact.   With practice it will become second nature to identify the image before release to watch your ball.   You should find your shotmaking becoming more consistent as you stay down through impact.

Hitting off mat

Head Down System Test
Use in heavy wind

Head Down System Test
Natural grass

Head Down System Test
Slow Motion

Head Down System Test
Chipping from eye POV

Head Down System Test